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How much does animation cost?

This question is like asking what colour is a fish? Each project we create varies in so many ways, from the length of the video, the style and content etc. This of course affects how long it takes to produce and the cost.  Projects can range from as little as £2500 to £30,000 or more.

so let's think of some basics so we can guide you on whats achievable with your budget to get the best result and ROI  return on investment.

For example is it to be 30 seconds or 5 minutes long?  would you like 2D or 3D animation or both?  Does it contain character animation, or simple kinetic text animation?  So you can see that a more complex project will take longer to produce, and therefore cost more than a shorter more simple brief.

We quote a total project solution price, so no hidden fees or daily and hourly rates

So the first step is to gather some basic information and I am more than happy to chat about these to help guide you on what is achievable.

Guide prices

Simple 2D Motion graphics

Straight forward motion design can be as simple as animated typography and simple graphics like this example.

Costs can range from approx £1750 per minute upwards, with the first minute sometimes being slightly more when all the assets are illustrated and created.

More complex 2D Motion graphics with 3D elements

An explainer video or corporate film with more complex design elements similar to the example

Costs could range from approx £2500 - 3500 per minute

Just one minute would be more expensive where all assets are created

2D Animated Explainer Videos with Character Animation

Most companies prefer to explain their product or service with an easy to understand animated video than text an images, as its so much easier for the audience to understand.

Depending on how many characters and the complexity these can start at around £4000 for a 1 - 2 minute video.

Look to budget for approx £3000 - £3500 per minute.
Again the first minute would be more expensive or if you only needed a 60 second animation.

Stylised 3D Animated Explainer Videos

3D animation tends to be more expensive as the workload is greater, from 3d modelling, texturing, lighting, dynamics and compositing, but there are different levels we can tweak to your budget.  3D doesnt have to be photo real and sometimes a different style is prefferd

Look to budget for approx £3500 - £5000 per minute.

High quality realistic 3D animation

For full 3D presentations the variables are even more.  Used to explain a product or scenario for how to videos, corporate films.  This is not including 3d character animation

It really depends on how much 3d modelling and animation there is.  It could be a full environment or simple product demonstration

Budget for £3000 to £10,000 per minute

3D Character or Creature animation

Again this can vary depending on the level of detail required.  We can work to a lower workload and budget for a mid range commercial for example, or put in all the nuances and subtle face animation or complex movement of a feature film

A mid range character project for say 1- 2 minutes could cost anything from £7000 up to £20,000.  But for really high end and depending on if we need to create all the environments etc, you can be look at £200 - 300 per second.



At full rotation we also offer monthly retainer options.   If you are looking at a long term marketing plan with ongoing video and animation promotion then you can make massive savings of up to 40%!

Just call us on 0333 577 8060 to discuss, we are more than happy to negotiate a suitable package and value a long term relationship

I hope this helps give just some idea of how much animation costs, and how there are so many variables.   We can try and work to your budget if its limited, just give us a call.


Creative Director

"We asked David and the team at Full Rotation to come up with a concept design for an animation for a large finance company with whom we work. They worked extremely hard to produce a high quality and creative animation under the pressure of a very tight deadline. The client was very happy with the outcome and we shall be using them again"

Sophie Everett

Head of PR at Prodo Digital

"Amazing service from this talented animation team. Thanks to exceptional attention to detail and proactivity, Full Rotation delivered an impressive, technically complex project well ahead of schedule. Thanks for all your hard work guys, you were a pleasure to deal with and I would definitely work with you again!"

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