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Animator artist life free tutorials

FREE Tutorials for Freelancers, Animators, Artists and Motion designers

FREE Video Tutorials on freelancing life, animation, motion design. After a decade in the industry I thought it would be fun to start offering free tutorials and resources that will connect with a range of artists. Video tutorials and free training on animation, 3d modelling, character animation, 2d motion design, Illustration and design. I plan…
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Printable wall art and illustrations

Printable Art and Illustrations

New shop offering a range of printable wall art and illustrations I’ve been enjoying creating my own art in my spare time, I even set up a whole website Paper Steps offering prints. But I felt it would offer so much more if I made everything available as digital downloads instead. Customers would not be…
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website animation

Take Your Website to the Next Level Using Animations

The world wide web is home to billions of web pages. When your website goes live, you immediately come up against hundreds or thousands of websites that offer users content or products similar to yours. Finding ways to set your website apart from the competition is therefore essential. There are many avenues to do that…
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ar vr animation technology telling stories

How VR and AR Technologies are Changing the Way We Tell Stories

Is the day of the paperback finally over? With advancements in technology, the way we tell stories is changing. From multiple channels and in varying ways, storytelling is becoming more immersive, interactive and a whole lot more exciting. One new way of telling stories is through augmented and virtual reality. Reaching further afield from the…
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childrens art on wall

Paper Steps – A Children’s Illustrations Project

After years of working and animating for a range of companies from small to large corporate’s I wanted to add something else to my creative work life, create something for the consumer I could build and also enjoy.  Utilising my design skills and passion for character work I came up with Paper Steps.  It’s my…
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Students studying animation at university

The top universities in the UK to launch your career in Animation or VFX

So you want to get into Animation or Visual effects but there are a minefield of options out there. Where do I study, what is the best path? We set out to list the best university and college courses in the UK to launch your career in Animation or VFX all in one place. We…
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Freelancer to studio thumbnail

Freelancer to Studio INFOGRAPHIC

Expanding from a freelancer to a studio without the expense! In this infographic I will explain how you can grow from just working on one project at a time and earn more.  For a larger high resolution version CLICK HERE Simply copy and paste the below HTML code into your site. © Full Rotation Ltd…
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Full Rotation design and animation logo

Full Rotation is born

Full Rotation is simply the expansion of freelance animator / artist David Mattock.   As the client base grew, so did the workload and as I didn’t want to let clients down or turn away work anymore I slowly expanded from being a freelancer to a small collaborative studio and thus needed a company name..…
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