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FREE Tutorials for Freelancers, Animators, Artists and Motion designers

FREE Video Tutorials on freelancing life, animation, motion design.

After a decade in the industry I thought it would be fun to start offering free tutorials and resources that will connect with a range of artists. Video tutorials and free training on animation, 3d modelling, character animation, 2d motion design, Illustration and design. I plan to also talk about freelancing in general and tips for freelancers on getting paid, clients and projects.

I did this as a break from the corporate world, it’s fun and great to see it help others.

I wanted to base it on my life and all the tools and skills I’ve learnt over the years, I called it Animator Artist Life. In my small animation studio we use a range of software and tools such as Maya, Blender, Adobe after effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, and many plugins. All videos will be on a YouTube channel

The first set of tutorials I created was based on my favourite auto rigging tool for autodesk Maya called Advanced Skeleton, we have used it to rig a range of characters and creatures in many projects, it’s robust and creates a great facial rig for acting 3D characters. This ended up being a five part series!

Click the image below to jump straight to the playlist and start bringing your characters to life!

Rigging with advanced skeleton part 01

Advanced Skeleton is free for non-commercial use only and a freelance license available for individuals. Visit:

How to animate a logo in Adobe After Effects

I will also be creating free how to videos on 2d motion design techniques in Adobe After Effects. Have a look at this one, where I walk you through step by step on how to animate a 2d logo in 3d space. We learn about animating cameras in after effects, depth of field, and breaking the logo art for a cinematic animated logo sting

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David Mattock

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