3D Animation Company UK

Whether you have a corporate exhibition coming up or you want to re-vision your company through a new commercial, our team at Full Rotation can help. As a specialist 3D animation company in the UK, we have helped to provide the ever-visual world with engaging and quality animation.

With our small band of animators, we have grown to help some huge projects for our clients and have developed a clinical yet cohesive relationship with those we work with. What does that mean exactly? We want to bring your ideas to life. With your guidance throughout the process, we can ensure that you are not only given freedom but a finished piece to be proud of.

This is shown in our portfolio of 3D animation work. We have worked with clients like Nissan, Freemarket FX and Twitter to bring their company to life and enhance the way information is passed to potential customers. With Nissan, our team was given a short turnaround to design and annotate a presentation that David Cameron would be speaking at. It was imperative to make it eye-catching, interesting and fit in with the style Nissan wanted to portray.

If you’d like to discuss your animating options with our team, get in touch by filling out our online contact form.

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